//Bizweni Pre-Primary Presents Candy Land!

Each year, our team of incredibly talented and dedicated teachers take our End of Year Concert to the next level. The brain-storming and planning begins as early in the year as June, and slowly but surely, the ideas start to take shape and become something magical. Regardless of the theme, the thing that makes each year so special are – of course – the children. Our learners continue to surprise and delight us, and boy, do they put on a show!

Last week, our 2016 End of Year Concert lived up to its reputation and knocked the socks right off the family and friends who came to see their kids on stage.

The theme this year:


Candy Land!

(Let’s just say it was easy to get the children excited about this one!) 😉

The line-up, for those who missed it:

Candyman – Gabrielle Adriaans

Marianka & Colette’s Classes

  • Daar Kom die Roomysman
  • Gummy Bears
  • Lollipop

Jacqui & Es-Marie’s Classes

  • Cookie Jar
  • All the Raindrops
  • Chocolate Lane
  • Baby Chocolates

Linda & Marilyn’s Classes

  • Sweets for my Sweet
  • Tutti Frutti
  • My Boy Lollipop


Leslea & Riana’s Classes

  • Candy Girl
  • Sugar
  • Choco, Chocolaté


  • Awesome God
  • Oceans


A BIG thank you to everyone who helped make our concert such a huge success! This really is a major team effort; there are so many people who gave their time generously to make sure this was a special event for the whole family.

Parents, thank you for your support! Your kids were amazing and we hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed preparing for it.

Thank you to Haven Coffee House for staying open late especially for us, and providing delicious coffee, ice-cream & snacks for our audience.


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