//Bizweni Pre-Primary Celebrates LOVE!

February is, as you probably know, the month of love. Bizweni Pre-Primary decided to encourage our kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day by practicing being kind to one another. To get into the spirit of this love-filled day, we dressed in red. Needless to say, many photographs commenced! 😉

That same week, we had a fantastically fun SANDPIT PARTY!

spread the love

The children of Bizweni Pre-Primary brought sandpit toys for the playground. During the morning, our new ‘sandpit toys’ were unwrapped by the learners and they had a ball introducing them to the sandpit. To survive the February heat, ice cream was provided. Let’s just say things got a little sticky…

All in all in was a fantastic, fun-filled day and our kids had a blast!

Thank you to all our parents for the support and for all the toys donated. Our kids look forward to many hours of fun together 🙂

Enjoy a few of the pics from our Valentine’s Day and Sandpit Party:

biz pre primary sandpit party


biz pre valentines 1


bizweni pre primary valentines 2

bizweni pre primary sandpit 2


biz valentines 2

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