//Newsletter 4 May 2021

Newsletter 4 May 2021

Dear Parents Welcome back to everyone!

Term 2 is going to be a busy term with lots of exciting things happening at school. Please read carefully through the newsletter. Keep up to date with the events at school by making notes and by making sure you add the dates of events to your personal diary.

  • We will be having a CAKE SALE on Friday 7 May 2021.
  • We would like to ask the following parents, to please supply eats for this cake sale.
    • parents in teacher Linda’s class (Gr RR) &
    • parents in teacher Lee-Ane’s class.
  • Homemade cupcakes, brownies, biscuits etc. are always welcome.
  • If you are not an enthusiastic baker, do not despair! Chips, popcorn, fizzers etc. are also welcome.
  • We do however try to keep the artificial flavorings and preservatives to the minimum.
  • The Cake Sale will be held outside the school gate.
  • The Cake Sale will start at 7:30 in the morning and parents are welcome to drop off eats as they drop off the children at school.
  • Parents are welcome to buy eats to take home or to take to the office.
  • We ask that parents first sign in the learners at the gate and after that buy some eats at the cake sale tables.
  • Parents you don’t need to buy for your children they will have the opportunity to come and choose & buy eats themselves later in the morning.
  • Eats don’t go for more than R5 per eat, so send just enough money with your child to buy for themselves at the Cake Sale.
  • Send the Cake Sale money to school with your child’s name on the container/zip lock bag.
  • The money we raise with this cake sale will go towards maintenance of our outside equipment.
  • We will put COVID protocol in place during cake sale. Social distancing, hand sanitizing and money being handled separately from the eats, are going to be measures in place on the day.
  • Please support us!

Individual Parent meetings

During the second term we will have scheduled Individual parent meetings. More information on dates and times will follow soon. Closer to the time, there will be a schedule at the gate for parents to fill in. This will confirm your time slot for your meeting. Please put your name down and prioritise this meeting as it is in the interest of each of our learners.



We provide Bizweni Primary School with all the contact information of our 2021 Gr RR parents. Bizweni Primary School will be sending application documents to you via e-mail shortly. If your child will be attending Bizweni Primary in 2022, you need to complete the application documents you receive via e-mail and send it back to the Primary school. Grade RR parents please take note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your child has a place in a school next year and not the responsibility of Bizweni Pre-Primary. If you have any questions about the process, you are welcome to contact Beaulah at Bizweni Primary School. The contact number is 021 851 2048. Or you can e-mail her at admin@bizweniprimaryschool.co.za


School gate

We have an electronic gate at the entrance of the school. It is opened via a remote button or by swiping a chipped tag in front of the access point. There is a bell to ring for attention at the gate. If you ring the bell at the gate, please be patient. We will attend to the bell as quickly as possible.


Arrival time

We will appreciate if our learners are at school by 8:30 am every day. Not only is it very disruptive if a child enters the classroom while the teacher is already busy with the lesson, but your child misses out on valuable time in the class when he/she arrives late.

Breakfast will only be served to children who are at school by 8:30. If your child has breakfast at home, please inform the school so that we do not waste servings of breakfast.


Mini Sports Day

On Friday 21 May 2021 Bizweni Pre-Primary will have an informal Mini Sports Day during school hours. The learners will run a few races on the Bizweni grounds. The aim of the event is not competitive in nature. The event is about having fun and everyone wins by receiving a sweetie at the end of each heat! Due to Covid 19 regulations, parents cannot be invited to watch the races. We will be taking some photos during the day, which we will forward to the parents.



We normally have a concert at the end of the year. During this evening we also have our graduation ceremony for the Gr RR learners moving onto Gr R next year. As we are still not allowed to have large crowds at indoor activities, we will have to think of alternative ways to celebrate at the end of 2021. Should Covid regulations allow us to do so, we will be having a special event at the end of the year. Closer to the time, we will give our parents more information as to what such an event will entail.


Themes discussed at school

We include a schedule of the themes discussed at school during the second term. Please take note of what the learners are learning about at school and discuss the themes further when they get home after school.


Toys, jewellery, and coins

Please encourage the learners to leave toys from home at home or in the car before coming to school. Own toys cause great unhappiness in the classroom. Jewellery such as rings and necklaces get in the way when partaking in activities at school. Leave this to be worn at home. Small coins are choking hazards. Your child or another child in the class might put it into their mouth before we can put it away for safekeeping. Your assistance in this regard in much appreciated.



Please note that this is just an outline of some of the activities at school during the second term. During the following months, more details will be added as events are planned and finalised. We will keep you informed of any new information as soon as it becomes available.

10 – 14 May THEME = Fire – fire safety
17 – 21 May THEME = My School
21 May Mini sports Day
24  – 28 May THEME = Safety at my school
31 – 4 June THEME = Community Helpers – Safety in my community
4-June CAKE SALE  (Teacher Marilyn, Bianca & Jay-Dee’s classes to bring eats)
7 – 11 June THEME = Community Helpers – People we visit
16-Jun Youth Day – (Public holiday) BIZWENI PRE PRIMARY WILL BE CLOSED
14 – 18 June THEME = Transport – Road & Air
20 June (Sunday ) Father’s Day
21 – 25 June THEME = Transport – Rail & Water
28 June – 2 July THEME = Road Safety
2-July CAKE SALE  (Teacher Lee-Ane & Linda’s classes to bring eats)
5 – 9 July THEME = Space
7-July Report cards out to parents (Wednesday)
9 July Pajama Party
9-July End of term 2
12 July – 23 July Holiday Program

In God’s strength.

Lizette and the Bizweni Team

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