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First Day of School 2017

It’s back-to-school and Bizweni Pre-Primary is off to a smooth start. Nerves and excitement filled the corridor at Bizweni Pre-Primary school on Tuesday morning, as the 2017 Grade R class arrived for their first day. There's a lot of "NEW" on the first day of school. Shoes, stationary, teachers and most importantly, new friends! We [...]

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Let Them Eat Cake! (Bizweni Pre-Primary’s Last Cake Sale of 2016)

Here at Bizweni Pre-Primary, we love a good cake sale (who doesn't, really?!). Just before we all parted ways for the December holidays, we threw one last cake sale - because what better way to end of the year than with cake!? Here are some of the pics of our kids enjoying the day :) [...]

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Bizweni Pre-Primary Presents Candy Land!

Each year, our team of incredibly talented and dedicated teachers take our End of Year Concert to the next level. The brain-storming and planning begins as early in the year as June, and slowly but surely, the ideas start to take shape and become something magical. Regardless of the theme, the thing that makes each [...]

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Bizweni’s Spring Walk 2016 is a Huge Hit!

Our Spring Walk continues to live up to its awesome reputation! What an AMAZING day it was! Parents, kids and visitors all had such a fantastic time - faces were painted, games were played, the walk was walked and tasty treats were devoured. A HUGE thank you to all the parents, teachers and everyone else [...]

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Parents: Have You Enrolled Your Child for 2017?

Are you looking to enroll your child in a pre-primary or daycare school in Somerset West? If you have not yet found a suitable environment for your child, we encourage you to visit Bizweni Pre-Primary & Daycare to see what we do here. (If your child is in Grade R, 1 or 2, click here [...]

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Plants, Dirt & Smiles All Round! (FANSA Visits Bizweni)

Last month FANSA (Fauna and Flora Natural Sciences Advancement) visited Bizweni Pre-Primary, and what a day that was! This fantastic organisation taught us about plants, life and nature, and how it all connects. Our kids took part in an interactive discussion as well as activities that allowed them to get their hands dirty - the [...]

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Bizweni’s Little Shop is a Huge Hit!

As most of us know, the Checker's Little Shop promotion (which is, sadly, over) was a HUGE hit! Let's be honest - most of us adults were as excited about these miniature groceries as the kids, right? While the Little Shop craze was at its height, Bizweni Pre-Primary made sure we got in on the [...]

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Bizweni Pre-Primary Holiday Program

Ahoy, Bizmateys! We’re already fully into the swing of the third term here at Bizweni Pre-Primary – the holidays are starting to feel like a distant memory… Speaking of memories, we love to make great ones with our children, whether it's during the term or during our Holiday Programs. Please contact us if you'd like [...]

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