Plants, Dirt & Smiles All Round! (FANSA Visits Bizweni)

Last month FANSA (Fauna and Flora Natural Sciences Advancement) visited Bizweni Pre-Primary, and what a day that was! This fantastic organisation taught us about plants, life and nature, and how it all connects. Our kids took part in an interactive discussion as well as activities that allowed them to get their hands dirty - the [...]

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Bizweni’s Little Shop is a Huge Hit!

As most of us know, the Checker's Little Shop promotion (which is, sadly, over) was a HUGE hit! Let's be honest - most of us adults were as excited about these miniature groceries as the kids, right? While the Little Shop craze was at its height, Bizweni Pre-Primary made sure we got in on the [...]

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Bizweni Pre-Primary Holiday Program

Ahoy, Bizmateys! We’re already fully into the swing of the third term here at Bizweni Pre-Primary – the holidays are starting to feel like a distant memory… Speaking of memories, we love to make great ones with our children, whether it's during the term or during our Holiday Programs. Please contact us if you'd like [...]

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Celebrating Women’s Month: Keeping Girls in School

Helderberg Gazette in conjunction with District Mail, is running a project during August called: "Keep a Girl in School Sanitary Towel Project" The project sees the Helderberg Gazette & District Mail collecting sanitary towels to be distributed to schools across the Helderberg basin. Month after month, many young women in disadvantaged areas have to face [...]

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All Fired Up! Bizweni Pre-Primary Visits the Fire Station

We love to expose our kids to different aspects of life beyond the school grounds, and their sense of adventure is totally contagious! Our most recent outing was a visit to our local Fire Station. We think the work these brave men and women do is admirable, and they are worthy role-models to our youngsters. [...]

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Parent Checklist

General Requirements To be effective in the nursery school, both as teachers and as caregivers, an agreement between the school and parents is essential. The following are specific policies governing at Bizweni Pre-Primary and Daycare Centre: Children should have a CLEARLY MARKED school bag. Please supply a spare set of CLEARLY MARKED clothing. Please supply [...]

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How to Enroll

If you're interested in enrolling your child at Bizweni Pre-Primary, take a look at our easy step-by-step guide to our Application Process: 1. View our school. We invite parents to come and see what it is we have on offer at Bizweni. Please contact us to make an appointment. 2. During your visit you will [...]

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Upcoming Events & Dates 2016

Can you believe that Term 1 is already over?! We can't either! Here are some important dates to diarise for the rest of the year: 5 April: Term 2 Starts           12 April: Oakfields Photography Shoot - "Kids at Play" 14 April: FANSA Visits Bizweni. We learn more about Hospitals and Germs! 22 April: Open Day [...]

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What’s on the Menu?

Happy Tummy, Happy Child! Nutrition plays such a vital role in ensuring your child is happy and focused. This is especially important in the classroom and playground context. We believe strongly providing our children with a balanced, healthy diet that ensures they are equipped to learn and play at their best. Breakfast We provide hot [...]

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